DIY Decorated Bag

Hey girls! Today we're making an ordinary bag look beautiful in 3 steps, ¿how? keep reading.

 But first, what we need...
                         - A plain fabric bag                         
- Printed Fabric 
-Pom pom tassels
- Scissors
- Needle and thread

The bags can be like these ones. (This is pic isn't from this blog)

Anyway, Let's start!
 1. Cut pieces from the printed fabric that you like. As many as you wish.
2. Sew them to your bag. The pieces may overlap or just stay spread out over the bag. You can also decorate both sides with the fabric, not just one!
3. Last, but not least, grab your pom pom tassels and sew them on the top of your bag. It's better if you do this all around the top of your bag (both sides).

This is how I decorated my bag. I decorated this bag and made from zero the one I'm gonna show you now in Patchwork classes.

I put this little purse inside the bag with a hoop 'connected' to the chain. I love these bags!

Well, that's all for today. Hope you liked it! 

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