7 study tips + DIY

Hey guys! I'm back. I'm sorry for not writting here for some weeks but with back to school, I didn't have that much time. 

Let's start. Today I'm going to give you 7 study tips to make your life easier! It is a late Back 2 School entry :)

1. For your revision sheets, use colours if you can and make it neat so you "want" to read it. Colours help some people study, overall if they have a photographic memory.

2. Make cards! Cards are easy to make. That's today's DIY, including a mini "folder" for these.

 Fold a coloured card in four or more and cut each box out

Fill them with info

Now draw something like this for the "folder". The upper part is half the card's lentgh. The under one is the card's entire area. Add 1/2 cm to each side. Cut it out and fold it correctly. Stick the 1/2 cm extra (left and right) of the upper part to the other one.

You should end with something like this. 

3.Test yourself. Make up tests or even better, if the teacher gives you some kind of practice test, do it. 

4. Use things you like. Make up a song if you like singing, a dance if you like dancing, diagrams or little drawings if you are more creative  and have time...

5. Make it EASY! Use tricks if possible. If not, try to relate the information you are given to yours. Dates, names....

6. If you studied or read what you need before and understood most of it, read it again before going to sleep (but not while watching telly! B-D ) 

7. Take a little break. Remember, you can't just get LOADS of information at once and just keep it in your mind (well, mabye yes, if you're super concentrated and stuff) but you need breaks. 

Mabye just 5-10 mins every 2 or 3 hours if what you're studing is quite hard while you eat something. Just sit and relax a little. You can even read the text again but slowly, calmed and relaxed.

Well, that's all for my 7 study tips. Hope you liked them and I hoped they helped.

Bye! Have fun studing!

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