Sephora must-have and Trasluz fashion camp

Hey!! I'm back after 2 weeks. 
If you want to know why I didn't write for those weeks click here. I was in Trasluz fashion camp 2014. Anyway, just head on there if you want. 

Now, today's entry is about a natural make-up must-have item from Sephora. It's a lip-balm that brightens up your natural lip colour. This lip-balm makes your lips pinkier.

 It's the "Unique Pink" one.

It may seem a very light colour in the picture but as it name says, it's a unique pink because it looks different on each lip. If you normally go for a natural look and make-up I totally recommend this to you specially if you have dry lips because it's also very moisturizing. 

Well, that's all for today. Have a good beauty sleep! :)

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