How to spice up your room - Back to school edition

Hi everyone! So today I decided to do a themed entry. It's a back to school edition of how to spice up your room. I called it like this because most of the things are going to be for storage.

First thing's first, get your material organized. In this case, your pens, pencils and all that stuff. 
To get that stuff organized I made this cute American, 4th of July - inspired jar.

You can learn how to make this jar here.

Now. Sometimes we need some biscuits or sweeties stored in our room, to help us study or just to eat something. For that I have 2 things.

1. This cute "candy machine". There are loads of videos on youtube on how to make this. But it's really easy. 
 First, you paint or spraypaint a pot, a plastic plate (or the "plate" which goes under the pot") and a ball (wooden, plastic.....) doesn´t really matter. Then, you get a little fish bowl (or whatever it's called :D ) and stick it's bottom part to the pot's bottom part with white silicone. You also stick the ball to the center of the bottom part of the plate. Then, you place the plate over the fish bowl and done.

Anyway, let's continue. 

2.This (also cute) plastic cupcake box (it came with candy and was a gift) in which I store little treats. But you can always store school supplies. I have it in my night stand.

Today's last thing is only for deco. Silicone cupcakes! (Two of them are made from hot glue)
 You can learn how to make the hot glue ones here.

Well, that's all for now. I hoped you liked it. Bye!

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