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Hi guys!

Well, yes! After an afternoon editing logos, making an 'about' page and an instagram for the blog, finally, I think, the blog is ready for entries. But mabye I'll keep editing a little the desing, who knows?

Anyway, welcome to the blog. I'm Elena. If you want to know a little more about me or the blog, go to the 'about' page under the blog's logo.

Lately I've been a lot into nailart. That's why I painted my nails yesturday AND changed the desing today.

 This was yesturday's  desing. Hearts and a pineapple, (or something like it :D ). I just used white as a base and applied two coats. Then, using a toothpick, I made the hearts using diffrent colours. For the pineapple, I also used a toothpick and added detail with a black uni posca - 0.7 mm 

 Today's desing was this one. I painted 4 of my nails plain orange. With the Rimmel London 60 seconds orange nail polish. I LOVE this nail polish because you only need one coat to cover the whole nail nicely and it dries very quickly, well, that's why it's called 60 seconds :) . And on my "leftover" nail I put at the top, orange nail polish, then, bright pink and on the bottom, light pink. Then, I add detail. Again, with the black uni posca.

That's all for today. I hope you liked this blog's first entry.

If you wish, you can follow me on the BE IN app, fashonist society.  My username is Basic But Beautiful.
You can also follow me on Instagram (basic_but_beautiful) http://instagram.com/basic_but_beautiful

Bye, bye!

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