DIY hairbands

Hi! Today I come with super easy DIY hairbands. We only need elastic ribbon and some ribbon or a piece of fabric. 
You will need...
  • Elastic ribbon (preferably black or white depending on your hair colour).
  • Patterned ribbon or a piece of fabric.
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread (or if you prefer, you can use a sewing machine).
Keep in mind...
Make sure you choose an elastic ribbon with a similar size to your pattered ribbon (if you don't have some at home already) and if there's bigger and smaller but not just the width you are looking for, go for the smaller (if it's like 5mm or the round elastic, if you get round elastic I would recommend you to put 2 pieces or one folded in half for each hairband) .

How to make it...
  1. Measure your head.
  2. Cut a piece of pattered ribbon which goes up just at both sides of the start of your neck. 
  3. Cut another piece, this time from the elastic ribbon which completes the size of your head BUT stretch it when you do it! 
  4. Sew one end of the elastic ribbon to one of the pattered, then repeat this for the other side. 
  5. If you want you can now add some super glue to the stiches. Voilá! You're done.

That's all for today! Keep crafty! :)

I'm puting this in Rums Spain link party (http://rumsespana.blogspot.com.es/)

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